Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Why I Hate Spicy Food?

I pretend
To be allergic to spicy food
Because what if
You would want to kiss me
After dinner

You always say
Your lips are my strawberries
Your tongue my dessert 

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

To Naani (my beloved warrior of love)

Mothers would have claimed divinity
If there weren't grandmothers

If you would have told me
You knew Adam and Eve
I would have believed you
You were as ancient as faith to me

If you would have told me
You used to live on Mars
I would have loved Mars
Like I love moon
Even today

If you would have told me
You are going to live forever
I would have trusted you
And believed that
Time will never touch you

But you never told me so
And left like a migratory bird
Ready for the new mystical land

I'm left with broken memories
Of my childhood now
Whose kindest witness were only you

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

I Must Wait Quietly

You have to look at me from far
Only then I’ll look good to you
I’m ugly up close
My good parts are lonelier
Than my bad parts
Goodness is always lonely I guess
Don’t all kind people stand alone in their kindness?
The rituals are always crowded and common
To speak to you is like conjuring up a spell
Which doesn’t work most times
But when they do
You reply back like a smoke
Rising up from a bonfire from afar
I don’t know if there are answers to my questions
I know though there are questions
They are like clues to some murder mystery
Only turned upside down
All fallen leaves point to the presence of a tree
Life is like a river no one can walk over
Like water finds us all too heavy to hold
I drown in your arms every time
I must stop talking and wait quietly
You make love to me only in silence

Monday, 25 September 2017

Unconsummated Night

How did the rainbow appear
When it didn’t rain?

The flowers in the painting
Over the bed
Smelt nothing like flowers
The huge mirror on the wall
Reflected only our enrapturing laughs
Not eager moans
Yes, you took your jewelry off
But not your clothes
Yes, I closed the door
But not to our fears

Those rosy pillows
You wanted to turn into saari
Didn’t fall off the bed
The wood witnessed our madness quietly
Without creaking with carnal frenzy

All night
We twisted and turned
Over each other in passion
But we didn’t create fire
We didn’t invent the wheel again

All we did
Was to find a small balcony
To watch over each other forever

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

The Girl Who Dances No More

She used to be mad about dancing
Her feet used to tap forever
To some unheard melody in her head

“One day
I want to make you
And the whole world dance, Muzammil
She told me once
While making beautiful shapes
With her fingers

But now
She goes to work everyday responsibly
Rushing from one red-light to another
Without noticing the girl
Dancing madly on many roadsides

Friday, 1 September 2017

Eid Mubarak, Meri Jaan!

That morning
When you wake me up
And whisper
Eid Mubarak, jaan!
And I reply with a kiss
Khair Mubarak, meri jaan!

This is what you’re going to miss
If you won’t come tonight

There is no Eid without you…

Black Hole

Of all the countless dresses in your wardrobe
That finely fashioned black dress
Is a black hole to my galaxy
All my swarming thoughts
All my restive words
All my orbiting emotions
Nothing escapes
When you come wearing it
And ask me
“I am going to leave soon
You want to tell me something?”